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ATSYS - Your Trusted Solution Provider

ATSYS was founded by Andre and Olga Tassone in 2005 on the founding principles of innovation and technical excellence. These guiding principles have guided the company in its growth and work culture to this day.

ATSYS is a reliable and competent partner, continuously seeking to develop innovative solutions for our clients, adding value to their operations and assisting them in achieving their corporate and sustainability goals.

It is our goal to create a work environment that allows each individual to flourish, achieving not only their career goals, but more importantly their life goals, all while exceeding our customer's expectations.

Our Vision

As a service organisation our existence depends on our ability to add value to our client’s business. We independently select and recommend solutions using fit-for-purpose products and proven technologies, implemented to industry best practice. We are determined to achieve customer satisfaction through reliable, cost effective and timely execution of projects.

We differentiate ourselves through six factors:

Safety Culture

The safety of our staff, clients and their stakeholders is of paramount importance. To ATSYS, this is more than just a checklist and is about protecting the well-being of all team members.

Premium Service

Providing the highest level of quality service to match our engineering solutions is critical to the growth and sustainability of ATSYS. In the current challenging economic environment, our premium service provides confidence and assurance for our clients.

Minimal Risk

As cutting edge engineering solutions carry risk, ATSYS approaches all projects to minimise or eliminate this risk. At ATSYS, our team have extensive experience and qualifications in many different forms of risk minimisation and mitigation.

Added Value

Our team are multi-skilled, internally integrated and at the cutting edge of technology. We pride ourselves in providing engineering solutions which are the most efficient and fit for purpose, to provide the greatest value possible to our clients.

Can Do Attitude

As the backbone to our success, a "Can Do" attitude is essential to everything we do. This attitude is something we look for in every employee joining the company and something we bring into every project we commit to.

Passionate Team

The culture at ATSYS is unique and exciting. We are passionate about constantly gaining expertise in our fields of work, and take great care to produce outstanding results for our clients. Every project is pursued with passion and treated with personal pride.

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