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At ATSYS, we have built a team of experienced, highly skilled, and reputable consulting engineers who have the expertise and industry knowledge required to provide our customers with reliable, unbiased support, and direction when they need it most. We have a full range of capabilities to deliver in control systems, electrical, and digital transformation.

Driving Project Success through Expert Advisory Services

The solutions we deliver extend from the instrument on the plant floor to dashboards in the head office and everything in between. We strive to use our knowledge and experience to improve our client’s business through improved safety, efficiencies, and reduced costs.

Through our engineering consulting services, we are able to provide comprehensive auditing services and will create concise reports of each customer’s systems to successfully improve efficiency, implement energy savings, or to meet specific environmental objectives for the needs of each client.

Our team has vast experience in creating design and functional specifications and are able to actively select hardware and software to meet our individual customer’s budgets, expectations and unique requirements, resulting in a tailored plan for each individual client.

As your go-to contact, ATSYS consultants are involved in every aspect of the project life cycle and ensure a positive project outcome. Our consultants remain informed and consulted during the project execution phase and will retain communications channels to the customer as required.

Consulting Services
Technology and System Audits
Reverse Engineering
Feasibility Studies
Concept Design
Electrical Design
Functional Specifications
Strategic Planning
Front End Engineering Design
Options Study
Proof of Concept

Why Choose ATSYS

ATSYS take pride in their close relationships with our customers, providing accountability, trust and transparency to ensure value-adding project services are provided.

Our consultants take a holistic approach, looking across all operational systems and utilising their expert industry knowledge to develop fit-for-purpose solutions for all business challenges presented.

All Water
Beach Energy
Do D
Epic Energy
Grain Corp
Hallet Resources
Hillgrove Resources
Kestrel Coal
Leigh Creek Energy
Orora Glass
OZ Minerals
Power Water
Rio Tinto
SA Water
Sea Gas
West Side

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