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Empowering the Agriculture Industry from Farm to Fork

As the oldest industry on earth, agriculture has always been a risky enterprise, falling prey to:

  • Narrow profits
  • Uncertain weather
  • Volatile markets

Additionally, farmers and businesses operating within this industry are having to face increasingly difficult challenges, such as:

  • An increased demand for food as global population increases
  • Less land becoming available to grow crops
  • Increased competition for water consumption
  • Shortages of available workforce
  • Increased awareness and importance of climate change
  • Increasingly stringent environmental regulatory frameworks

With past solutions of utilising mechanical equipment no longer sufficient, farmers and commodity handlers are now forced to embrace automated and digital system solutions. This allows benefit from a host of innovative solutions, to reduce costs and increase efficiencies in an extremely volatile marketplace.

Increasing Demand for Food
Land becoming Less Available
Water Consumption Competition
Importance of Climate Change
Stringent Environmental Regulations

Leveraging Technology Benefits to Augment Operations

The grain industry plays a vital role in Australia’s economy and ATSYS are proud to have been working with grain and other agribusiness companies for over 5 years.

We are experts in the process of grain handling systems and deploy the latest technology solutions to increase plant operations. Solutions include smart instrumentation at the field layer, monitoring of energy usage of key equipment, through to improved sequencing and automation control of the process.

We understand the complexities that surround the material handling process such as Safety Systems and Hazardous Area Classifications. We have certified engineers in AS/NZS 2430 Classification of Hazardous Area, AS4024 Safety of Machinery, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and TUV Rheinland Functional Safety. This combined with our extensive experience allows us to execute projects in a low risk approach to achieve a successful outcome.

ATSYS have a broad range of experience and capability with material handling systems including task scheduling, product selection, batch weighing, dust mitigation and fumigation.

Some examples of the solutions we have provided in the Agribusiness Industry include:

  • Bulk Material Handling Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Conveyor Automation
  • Batching Solutions
  • Hazardous Area Inspection and Design
  • Risk Assessments
  • Brownfield Site Electrical Upgrades
Quality Tracking
Product Tracking
MES Reporting & Integration
Data Analytics
BULKmetrix & InSight CM Integration
SCADA and PLC platforms
Electrical design
Hazardous Area Services
Functional Safety Risk Assessments & Design

Why Choose ATSYS

ATSYS have extensive experience within the Agribusiness industry, having completed numerous control systems upgrade, new installation and optimisation projects.

Our clients have benefited through improved systems visibility, reduced system downtime through preventative maintenance and improved overall systems performance.

ATSYS are equipped to handle any size project and will deliver proven results.

Capabilities in Agribusiness

Control Systems Engineering
Control Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering
Functional Descriptions & Specifications
PLC, RTU, HMI, SCADA & DCS Programming
VSD Drive Programming
Factory Acceptance Testing & Site Commissioning
Electrical Engineering & Design
Electrical Engineering & Design
Electrical Systems
Switchboards & MCC Design
Electrical Drafting
Hazardous Area Classification & Design
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Data Historians
Dashboards & KPI Reporting
Asset Performance Management
Mobility Solutions
Custom Application Development
IIoT, Predictive Analytics & Digital Twins

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