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Challenges within the Energy Industry

The energy industry has a diverse range of operational challenges due to competition in the large number of different ways to produce power from the world's natural resources, remote locations of operations, grid instability and increasingly strict environmental regulations. We strive to support the growth of our clients, through addressing these challenges, in:

  • Improving remote operations control and visibility
  • Minimising operational costs to remain competitive
  • Optimising systems efficiency and performance
  • Improve accuracy of energy forecast predictions
  • Reduce environmental footprint to adhere to strict standards
Transition to Low Carbon Future
Migration of Legacy Systems
Improve Production Forecasting
Reduce & Optimise Systems Downtime
Improve System Visibility & Data Management

Providing Services for the Energy Industry

ATSYS is committed to the delivery of outstanding solutions for our customers in the Energy sector. Our commitment to research & development, specifically in the creation and utilisation of complex algorithms that benefit our clients, has made us a standout systems integrator in this sector for over 10 years.

Our extensive domain knowledge of the energy industry, current and cutting edge technology and production assets ensures we can deliver solutions to our clients that reduce costs and increase maintainability of systems, all within a risk managed environment.

We provide the following solutions to the Energy industry:

  • Energy Management
  • Hybrid Power Systems
  • Embedded Generation
  • Off Grid & Micro Grid
  • Hydrogen
  • Combustion
Power Control & Monitoring Systems (PCMS)
Substation Automation Systems (SAS)
Generator Control Systems (GCS)
Solar Power
Wind Power
Energy Storage Systems
Peak Lopping
Combined Heat & Power (CHP/Cogeneration)
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Why Choose ATSYS

As the Energy sector moves towards more sustainable energy, ATSYS is well positioned to assist in this transition. With extensive industry and systems integration experience, we can transform stand-alone solutions such as solar or battery systems into smart, intelligent integrated solutions.

Epic Energy
Leigh Creek Energy
Sea Gas
West Side

Capabilities in Energy

Control Systems Engineering
Control Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering
Functional Descriptions
PLC, RTU, HMI, SCADA & DCS Programming
VSD Drive Programming
Factory Acceptance Testing & Integrated Factory Acceptance Testing
Onsite & Remote Commissioning
Electrical Engineering & Design
Electrical Engineering & Design
Electrical Systems
Switchboards & MCC Design
Electrical Drafting
Functional Safety
Hazardous Area Classification & Design
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Data Historians
Dashboards & KPI Reporting
Asset Performance Management
Mobility Solutions
Custom Application Development
IIoT, Predictive Analytics & Digital Twins

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