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Oil & Gas

Challenges within the Oil & Gas Industry

With an increasing global demand, shortage of resources, highly volatile price, and increasingly stringent environmental regulatory frameworks, ATSYS understands the issues faced by the oil & gas industry. We strive to support the growth of our clients, through addressing these challenges, in:

  • Minimising operational costs to remain competitive
  • Improving systems efficiency and performance
  • Reduce environmental footprint to adhere to strict standards
Transition to Low Carbon Future
Migration of Legacy Systems
Extensive Industry Experience
Innovative New Technologies
Improve System Visibility & Data Management

Providing Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

ATSYS have worked with a broad range of energy companies, providing them with monitoring systems, control systems, leak detection and remote support. We embrace the challenge of creating new and innovative ways to improve operational efficiency and support, including:

  • Artificial lift system optimisation
  • Remote control and monitoring of assets
  • Improved asset integrity, safety and reliability
  • Proactive/predictive maintenance
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Improved system energy efficiencies
Main Automation Contractor
Wellhead Control Systems
Wellhead Skid Solutions
Metering Solutions
Pipeline Control Systems
Leak Detection
Custody Transfer
Telemetry & Communications
Remote Support
Solar and Battery Systems
Artificial Lift Solutions (PCP, LRP, SRP & ESP)

Why Choose ATSYS

ATSYS understand the challenges facing the Oil & Gas industry, the demand for safe, reliable, cost-effective solutions that drive long term productivity and efficiency.

With extensive Oil & Gas industry and systems integration experience, ATSYS have built strong relationships with industry partners and suppliers over the many years, to deliver the certainty and dependability to our clients.

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Epic Energy
Leigh Creek Energy
Sea Gas
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